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Instructions for FLOTEC Workshop Presenters 

So FLOTEC Member School….. You’re planning on Hosting and Presenting a FLOTEC Fieldwork Educator’s Workshop??

 The new site provides 3 main functions,

         i.            Posts a Calendar/List of Events,

       ii.            Generates an “Invitation e-mail” with a link to an online registration form, links to webpages with information/promotional materials

     iii.            Provides an online registration and credit card payment gateway, and a database of receipts, payments and attendees

Here’s the basics on what to do!

 Posting a Fieldwork Certification Course! 

  1. Fill out the FLOTEC FW.E Certification Workshop Hosting Form online    (login required) 


Explanation: This hosting form basically records the who, what, where, when, of the hosting facility, and course presenters. The information is transferred into an invitation e-mail, and onto the events calendar/schedule. 

You will receive a reply confirmation e-mail in the form of a “Email invitation”.

 2. Your “E-mail invitation” should be forwarded to any or all of the target audience for your FW.E Course.  ( After a few days your FW.E Course will post on the Events Calendar and the Events List) The events calendar/list will have also have a link to the online registration.  The FLOTEC educational resources page will also have  information about the course objectives.  See: About Our Courses

3.Online Registration begins: As people register, you will be notified by e-mail and the registrant is sent an e-mail receipt.  Additionally, you may also direct people  by mailing flyers out to the FLOTEC site    and they can register from the events calendar or

The direct link to the course registration form can be sent to anyone by e-mail upon request.


  1. Prior to the day of your event, a spreadsheet of registrants and their info will be e-mailed to you.
  2. Questions: Contact US for information


FWE Cert WS Quick Links: FWE Course Event Hosting Form

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